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Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Paramore are among the nominees for the Teen Choice 2008 awards, celebrating the hottest teens in film, television, music, comedy, sports and fashion. Miley Cyrus, a four-time nominee, will host the show airing Mon., Aug. 4 (7 PM CT) on FOX. The surfboard awards will be handed out during the 10th annual broadcast from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA.

Source: www.carrieunderwoodofficial.com

On other news I’ve re-added some gallery photos after the server crash, and I’ve modded the gallery by stramm. Next updates are better HQ screen captures of some of Carrie’s film clips and screen captures of her new single Last Name, a upgrade of wordpress and XMB (oh bother, I hate upgrading lol). I’m also possibly considering installing affitionally, maybe.

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Well first of all I’ve been sick for the last three weeks so I haven’t been able to update and second of all we nearly lost Carrie Online this week. Shock horror it’s true, one of Gertie’s servers crashed, and for a moment things didn’t look good, so if you guys noticed some downtime this is why. But all is well and Gertie moved and restored our sites, thank God for her<3 But unfortunately the last back up was June 7th so I have lost a few gallery updates but that’s better than the entire site. Anything is better than that lol. So I’ll be adding the photos again and I’ll be updating the site on the latest gallery news in the coming day.

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Hey guys new layout at the forums http://carrieonline.org/board/ please join and visit. COMB is now on version two.

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Hey everyone, well I’ve added a few gallery updates lots of photo shoots too many to post previews so visit the gallery. I’ve also added photos from the American Idol Grand Finale which Carrie attended and performed at. I’ve changed the gallery layout so the gallery is also now on version two:

We also have a new affiliate, one of my favourite Kelly Clarkson site of course other than my own, kelly-element.net so give it a visit!

New layout for COMB soon.

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Hey Guys well Carrie Online now has it’s very own domain thanks to my wonderful host Gertie for buying it for me<3?

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‘Last Name’ Video is now out, so head on over to CMT.com and watch Carrie’s new video!

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I’ve just added pictures of Carrie at the Grand Ole Opry and the Stagecoach Country Music Festival!

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I’ve just upgraded wordpress and the xmb forums to the newest versions. So if there was any weirdness going on that is why. Pictures coming in a sec I’m about to go get them and upload them.;)

I’m currently adding the latest image script and that will be up in a sec also. I’m fixing a few broken links and adding the disclaimer I forgot to do lol.