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Posted on Jan 14th, 2013 • By • Filed In: Site News1 Comment

Hi everyone!

First off I’d like to apologize for the halt on updates, I got so busy with uni last year that I had to focus on that and then of course everything sort of piled up.  I run 9 fansites so I’ve been trying to play catch up.  I have a few new things and changes I’d like to make you aware of, lets start with the obvious!

  1. We have a new layout!!!! Made by the fabulous Laura at Paper Hearts Inc. it is absolutely gorgeous.  Nice and light, I love the old one it was beautiful but we needed a change from the dark.  So lets talk about the main site:

    - As you can see I have already made changes to the side bar.  I will be continuing to change this up and checking if affiliates are linking back and removing those who aren’t.
    - The second change will be the pages, I am going to seriously overhaul them all!

  2. We also have a new layout at the gallery.  Also made by Laura.

    - I have switched away from the domain CarrieHQ.com, I think it just splits the sites rankings and I think, what is the point.  So I have changed the gallery to http://c-underwood.com/photos and I will place a redirect on the old domain so people know where to find the new location.
    - I will be overhauling the presentation of the gallery, there will be new categories.  When I left the site (I’m the founder of the site) alot of the previous owners switching things around to places they never belonged in the first place.  So I’ll be fixing that.  It will resemble my Kelly Clarkson sites gallery in presentation.

  3. The Media site needs serious work, but this will be lowest priority.  I plan to move it to a much more efficient setup in the future.

That’s pretty much it.  In terms of updates, I will resume those ASAP.


Christine Hawkins

Hi Carrie,
My name is Christine Hawkins. I am a mother of 2 and a Grandma of 6. A number of years ago, I was teaching a Fourth Grade class. One of the students in the class was a beautiful young girl named, Tara. Tara had a difficult time, her mom had cancer and her dad walked in front of a Tractor Trailer in front of their home. The good news is her mom survived.
I had a wonderful encounter with Tara on Sunday. She was working at a local Coffee Shop. She told me she was finally going to graduate. She told me she missed me. I love this now very beautiful young lady. I am going to support her at her graduation celebration.
I am writing this letter because I saw you in all your sweet dresses at your Saint John, NB Concert. Then I was watching you again Thursday evening on Idol. Noticing you have an astonishing wardrobe. I have never done this before, but Tara is in need a dress for graduation. I can purchase one for her, but it would never compare to how stunning she would look in something out of your collection. Tara deserves to look her best on this very important day, which she has worked so hard to achieve. Tara has overcome a multitude a difficulties in her life thus far, I just want her to feel extraordinary on this special occasion.
I could go on and on about how deserving this wonderful young girl is. I truly love Tara and want the best for her.
Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter,
Love & God Bless,
Christine Hawkins

Posted on April 9, 2013

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